Sunday, June 26, 2011

finally, the cart gets beautiful sign painting!

by jesse @ jade lotus tattoo in burlington, vermont. photos by morgan.


  1. I just found your blog and now I'm sooo bummed that I'm no longer living at my Foreskin house in
    Btown (except for the ciggys everywhere). And this last post was made on my birthday! It's so freaking awesome what you're doing!

    I'm in MTL off and on for the summer, but when I next bike back to Arcana in Jericho (my other spot until we move to Hardwick!), I'll stop in Btown to stuff my face and panniers with as much vegan donut/(cup/cheese)cake goodness as can fit! I'll call in an order the day before I leave MTL.

    Vegan donuts rule the world! You should ask Owen Hoppe for his "indistinguishable from non-vegan" (from my memory) New Ethic Cafe vegan raised glazed donut recipe and Cosmic Matrix for his cake vegan donut tips (he made them for years -- I tried to convince him to get a cart on Church). Disco Jubz used to occasionally send me big shipments of them from Mighty O and Voodoo. I will have to pay you to do the same to Hardwick!

    The owner of Coffee Cup is vegan and handmade me vegan donuts that I helped him perfect over batches (I'm a great beta-tester and adviser!) and considered switching all Coffee Cup donuts to vegan (really!). His name is Ron Roberge. Maybe you could help him make the switch!

  2. In all my excitement I forgot to mention: awesome cart!!! (and don't worry, you'll crush the new competition -- just stake your territory!)